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The Advantages of Changing to E Cigarettes

When I started smoking about twenty odd years ago the tobacco laws and regulations were only just on the horizon in the United Kingdom, since then strict laws have been put into place. Now the large majority of people are very well informed of the health risks and dangers related to smoking, I have now also become aware and have tried to kick the habit but with no success.

Due to the new laws and the failed attempts of smokers, there has been an increase in the number of companies who want to take advantage of this. They are innovatively manufacturing new products to help those who smoke to give up; patches to nicotine chewing gum have been on the market for some time now there is a new “kid on the block” the electronic cigarette, this modern alternative really does help smokers quit cigarettes.

The latest electric cigarettes or e cigarettes, are really designed well they look and feel just like the original these new products even produce artificial smoke or vapour, one of the benefits is that this vapour (smoke) is not made from burning tobacco and does not contain any harmful chemicals like tar. When the converted smoker inhales from the e cigarette the vapour they draw in contains nicotine and looks like real smoke but has no deadly carcinogens like tobacco smoke has.

These electronic cigarettes use of liquid nicotine cartridges which clip into the device, and as the ‘smoker’ takes a puff a minute type of battery operated atomizer vaporizes a drop of this liquid nicotine, and the ‘smoker’ get a hit of nicotine rich vapour. The vapour does not smell like tobacco smoke and is far more efficient at delivering nicotine fixes to the user than the old fashioned patch or gum. To add to the realism of the experience the manufacturers have included a tiny red LED light bulb at the tip of the devices which mimics the glow of a real cigarette when smoked.

These nicotine solution cartridges are available in various strengths; most of the major electronic cigarette brands have three strengths on offer; mild, medium and full nicotine strength. It has been designed this way to help those who are giving up smoking can slowly cut down on nicotine intake, that is why it is very beneficial to change to electronic cigs if you are a ‘smoker’ and are trying to quit.
The main improvement e cigarettes have over and above nicotine chewing gum or nicotine patches is firstly, users get a nicotine fix much quicker and secondly, users who use patches or chew gum fail at their attempt to quit, for the reason that they actually miss the ritual of lighting and smoking a tubular object like a cigarette. The electronic cigarette mimics the whole smoking experience.
E cigarettes in the UK have an added financial benefit too, if you buy five cartridges in a pack it would cost around £7 and this would equal the cost of about 500 cigarettes. Understood the original outlay for a starter e cigarette kit would be a bit costly at first at around £45 the ‘smoker’ would save money in the long run.

As electronic cigarettes in the UK become more popular, undoubtedly they are going to be seen more in public places where the conventional cigarette has be banned like pubs and the underground. I would advise the changeover to e cigarettes if you are a smoker as you will still be allowed to get your hit of nicotine when you are out and about and it is healthier too.